Introduction to MXSuite

Welcome to the e-learning of MXSuite. We are happy to offer this to you and hope you will enjoy this e-learning.

In MXSuite three main colours are used. These colours are often used in symbols or on part of the status bar. The colours indicate the status of the relevant item.

A status bar indicates which percentage of items are red, orange or green.

In every module of MXSuite the 3 colors are used. The meaning of the colors is as follows:

  • green icon: no action needed now. For example:
    • the task is on scheme
    • the part is in stock

  • orange icon: this needs your attention. For example:
    • the task is due
    • the part is still in stock, but will soon run out of stock

  • red icon: this needs your urgent attention, you are too late! For example:
    • the task is overdue
    • the part is below the minimum stock

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